About $DX

Tokenomics & Metrics

DX is the native protocol token built on DxChain mainnet to incentivize storage miners and block miners. Also, Dapp deployed on top of DxChain can use DX token for their own proposes.

Where to Trade

Total Supply

100,000,000,000 DX

Current Circulation (As of Oct 2021)

25,000,000,000 DX

Token Allocation

  • Ecosystem/Mining/Community: 45%

  • Total Tokens for Sale: 25%

  • Marketing/BD/Advisor: 10%

  • Foundation: 10%

  • Team: 10%

Read more about token distribution and circulation here.

Token Type

  • DX-ERC20 (Based on Etheruem)

  • DX-BEP20 (Based on BSC)

  • DX Native (Based on DxChain)

Smart Contract

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