3. The Ecosystem Powered by DxChain 3.0

3.1 Smart Contract Platform

While compatible with all smart contract functions on Ethereum (completely migrated to the DxChain Mainnet), we try to provide worldwide users with easy-to-use and templated development solutions to help the implementation of smart contracts and provide more diversified dapps.

3.2 Cross Chain

Under the premise of ensuring the absolute security of asset circulation, cross-chain circulation of assets with low handling fees, low latency and high concurrency can be completed through DxChain 3.0 on-chain transfer without any centralized platform. To achieve the circulation and exchange of tokens by connecting mainstream projects and building a global asset interactive network.

3.3 DeFi

We are committed to building a more convenient, friendly, and safer decentralized financial service platform for worldwide users to transfer crypto-assets easily and transparently. In the meantime, it will also provide our ecosystem partners with appropriate and feasible financial products and services, including but not limited to mainstream DeFi applications such as DEX, loans, and liquidity mining to meet the diverse financial needs.

3.4 NFT

Currently, the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) can be used in crypto-collectibles, games and other applications. DxChain 3.0 will help creators, developers, and collectors to perform NFT minting, development, and trading more conveniently and stably, providing the industry with integrative solutions.

3.5 Metaverse

As a bridge between the real world and the virtual world, Metaverse will further affect social, entertainment, finance and other aspects in the future. In this regard, DxChain will join this market in advance, conduct a forward-looking exploration regarding cross-chain identification, social entertainment, integration of crypto and tangible assets, GameFi, etc.

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