Participate as Validator


  1. Qualified hardware and network environment

  2. Have enough DX


Minimal configuration

ssd iops>5k
network performance > 10 Gigabit


ssd iops>5k
network-performance > 25 Gigabit

Network and Port

  • Public IP

  • Open Port TCP/UDP: 32668

Get DX node Executable

  1. Compile from source code, or

  2. Download from DxChain Github

Start running the Executable

Start node, and make sure the data is updated to the latest block height.

For asset security concerns, it's not recommended to enable--http service.

Create Account

Access the working directory /directory/of/geth

$ ./geth account new --datadir ./data


  1. Open the console ./geth attach --datadir ./data

  2. Create account personal.newAccount('password')

The keystore file of the new account is located in the data/keystore folder under the /directory/of/geth directory.

Start Mining

  1. Open the console ./geth attach --datadir ./data

  2. Unlock miner account personal.unlockAccount("miner address","password",0)

  3. Start mining miner.start()

Node Application

  1. Make sure there is a sufficient amount of DX to apply for a node

  2. Once the application is approved by other nodes, your node is eligible to participate in the election from the next epoch. If the node is selected as a validator, nodes will generate blocks in order. Please keep the nodes mining during this period.

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