How to Earn DX


DxChain takes DPoS consensus as the main mechanism on DxChain, users should stake to activate DxChain cloud miners and vote for Validators to earn mining rewards.

How to vote?

Connect Wallet - click "Staking" - click "Vote" - choose any nodes you like - vote successfully.

What is the APY of staking?

Staking and voting rewards are depending on several factors:

1) The allocation ratio of Delegators

2) The percentage of your votes in the total votes for that node

3) If the node you voted for is selected as a Validator

4) Total amount of staking and reward pool

Based on DxChain economic model, the average APY will be around 7%.

Liquidity Mining

Provide liquidity of BNB and DX - Get Liquidity Certificate (LP Token) - Stake LP Token - Earn handling fee and DX Reward

Check out more details and tutorial here:

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